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 "If you don't look round the corner,  you will just go round the bend"



Matt Whistler has been reviewed as being the only annual Christmas song comedian. The Whistler loves a challenge and after a succession of high impact CGI Hollywood style virals, he hit the big time.

Matt Whistler shot to fame in 2010 when he helped inspire a campaign to get The Trashmen’s cult 1964 hit ‘Surfin’ Bird’ to the top of the charts. In nothing more than a Christmas Mankini and sexy lingerie combo, Matt Whistler became an Internet sensation and propelled the Surfin Bird track to number 3 in the official UK top 40 Christmas charts. The Viral was championed by Radio One DJ Scott Mills, Presenter Philip Schofield and liked on facebook by Eddie Izzard, Barry Cryer and the Cohen brothers.


The pop video was driven by another viral, filmed the day before the Surfin Bird shoot, when during the highest snowfall on record in Brighton, Matt sledged down a hill completely naked on a t-tray. The original uncensored video received over a million hits and when youtube banned the video there was an International uproar and Matt Whistler received over 10,000 facebook messages questioning youtube and there decision.  This lead to a debate about censorship and caused fury amongst his comedy fans at the removal of the viral.

In winter 2011 the t-tray video was re-edited into a more user friendly absurd pop video, with Matt Whistler's cover of Shakin Stevens Merry Christmas. After a late release the song sold only two tracks on i-tunes and that's only because Matt Whistler accidentally hit the.....  add to shopping cart .....button twice.

Matt Whistler says with icicles dangling from his chin:

" Comedy is all about the highs and lows, but ultimately the highs,

this was a disaster, or maybe not,  a slapstick fun and original

Christmas pop video was born. Or at least that's what I kept telling

myself in my Mohamed Ali vigorous determination

to climb the charts. Rooooah Rooooah I'm a tiger. " !!

The new video also created a cult following in Australia, resulting in locals being photographed for the Freemantle Herald whilst parading naked around the local market with nothing more than a t-tray for company.

 Matt Whistler says without false tears streaming down his face:


If it wasn't for the filming genius of the Convict Films production crew

and the music production of Latest Records, none of this would have been possible.”


All of Matt Whistler's slapstick videos can be viewed at :


Review from an American Fan:


When I found Surfin Bird on the internet over the holidays, I thought it was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen--up there with Dave Chapelle's flawless sketch about a southern black blind racist who doesn't know he's black himself. So I watched that video dozens of times, my favorite bits being when you look overwhelmed & pull up your bra strap, pass the police coming off the escalator, and dance with people at their shop door.  The Brighton and Hove city council should use it as a promotional video.  It expresses so well the alluringly eccentric character of Brighton.  Kept my spirits up.



  Matt Whistler's theatrical stand up comedy incorporates stunt falls with physical madness and quirky humor. His edgy style leaves the audience wondering what is coming next.  Matt Whistler has previously enjoyed being on the bill with Dave Thompson, Phil Kay and Craig Cambell and has delighted audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe with his sitcom show Radio West Pier and at the Astrolebe tent in Glastonbury.



Matt Whistler has appeared on the Bill, The Buzzcocks, plus BBC Red Button and regularly presents for Brighton's local show Latest TV.




Matt Whistler writes a regular weekly column for the Latest7 Entertainments magazine and also travel writes as a comedic sociological life observer.



Matt Whistler ART name AKA Whistles, is also a comedic digital artist who incorporates his photographs and travels, into montage robots. In Jan 2011 Matt lived in a site-specific Greenhouse, designed to transform the perception of a space  for 4 weeks. Matt documented his experience with a web cam on Justin TV with no food and entirely reliant on public donations for sustenance and their humor to keep him sane. Matt Whistler regularly exhibits and examples of his work which can be seen at:  scroll down the page




Matt Whistler AKA Whistles is currently exhibiting till the end of May 2013 in YOTEL NY, a revolutionary robot hotel.  His work can be viewed in the Green Lounge.  This is AKA's first International Exhibition.




Matt Whistler likes leaving clues but not obvious answers, you may see one of his 3d robot creations on your doorstep one day.  Be careful though they have superhero powers.

“ I view everything experientially, with natural intrigue, and love combining art, slapstick and comedy. "



Matt Whistler holds three world records on a self propelled push scooter :

John O Groats to Lands End

161 miles in 24 hours

As a self -styled stuntman, Matt Whistler can also be seen jumping over 16 plastic trucks as his street and stage act Prime- Evil-Knieval.

Matt Whistler also traveled from Dublin to Cork on his kick along push scooter, to follow the first leg of the Tour De France.




In collaboration with Convict Films and Latest TV.  Matt Whistler is currently working on his own show to prick the ears of TV bods, Matt Whistler's Trip Out is a hotch potch of CGI madness. Matt also has his fingers in a pie for a new tv pilot .... his lips are currently sealed. Plus there is a new pop video b movie on it's way, for all the loyal fans WATCH THIS SPACE!!.








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