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The Veriflex Scooter sponsored by Skate distributor : Shiner Ltd in Bristol, was one of the few push scooters available on the market at the time of the World Record attempt from John O Groats to Lands End.  The design is a BMX style push scooter with 360 rotating handle bars.  The 16" wheels meant that there was less chance of me toppling over the handle bars.  The chunky tires and inner tubes gave a cushioned feel to the scooter and jumping over obstacles such as a dead badger was much more feasible.  Road kill was abundent on certain parts of the British Isles and cruising down a steep hill at high speed required quick thinking.  Speed also became an issue down hill when the tires began to smell of burning rubber, sometimes my speed was compromised.  Blow outs were only dangerous from the point of view that they were incredibly loud.  The large exploding inner tube would literally deafen me.  Ergonomically speaking, the Veriflex is not ideal for long distance, both back and knee problems crept up by the time I arrived in Edinburgh.  Shiner Ltd did warn me that this was not the right scooter for a 1000 mile journey; it was persistence and training that made it a reality.




The Sidewalker scooter Manufacturer Blauwerk Germany


  This was a whole new scooter experience.  The height is better for the back.  The speed is good and manouverability easy.  The Sidewalker is more combersome compared to the Veriflex, so stunts and jumps were out of the question.  My biggest irritation was the fact that the foot stand whacks the pavement underneath when trying to drop from a footpath to the road.  Eventually the metal frame under my feet supporting the foot stand cracked, due to bashing the scooter from one too many pavement to road attempts.  I used the Sidewalker to smash a 24 hours world record and travel 161 miles in 24 hours on Aintree concrete race track, the same track where Stirling Moss won the Grand Prix in 1957.  I also used the Sidewalker to follow the Tour De France in 1998 as they travelled along the East Coast of Ireland from Dublin to Cork.


The Micro Skate scooter Switzerland


I can see why Micro Skate scooters became popular.  They are small, can be folded up and don't weigh too much.  From a world record holder perspective they have a comedic Dumb and Dumber appeal, but don't facilitate new world record attempts.  At the time of sponsorship I wanted to set a speed record on this scooter (the pre -existing record was 70 mph) and soon realized that I would wobble and veer off a steep B road into a field of nonchalant sheep in seconds.  The Micro Skate scooter is a death trap, but then in saying that, I have just seen a video on youtube of a kid flying through the air spinning round a trillion times and landing on a half pipe.  I don't know how many London commuters have been wiped out on their way to the office, but what I can tell you is that America has introduced a helmet law for any child using a push scooter due to scooter related incidents.  I dont want to knock the scooter down, I suppose it's the law of averages, the more products you push out the higher the rate of incidents .  Maybe im just bitter because I'm too old to bunny hop and wheelie down a road whilst flicking through my i pod. It wouldn't take much effort to fall off a Micro Skate scooter due to a crack in the road.  On an uneven surface they are boneshakers and have a Fred Flint Stone yaber dabber doo ! feel to them.Suitable for the road? no.I might be willing to take a U -turn and retract everything I have just said, the Micro Skate could be amazing for my comedy stage show jumping over trucks.


The Millennium scooter KICKBIKE HQ Austria  


This scooter I like! it's fast and can be manouvered with grace.  It's front racer wheel allows me to pick up serious speed in no time.  The Kickbike is a scooter to win time and gain speed.  The brakes work well and the foot stand is big enough to take hitch hikers that you know you will get on with, whilst being given a bear hug on a 50 mile stretch of road.  This scooter attracted a lot of attention at the Edinburgh Fringe where I dressed up as PRIME- EVIL -KNIEVAL and jumped over matchbox size trucks.  I have also used this push scooter in episode three of Radio West Pier as my character Jah Scooterman.  More  recently I jumped over 16 trucks at the SIMPOL street party in Brighton .  The hypnotised onlookers went wild and the back wheel skid at the end helped maintain a thick air of theatrical intensity amongst the cheering crowds.






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