Cannes film festival 2013 ... Matt Whistler in Troma world


This year the Cannes 2013 buzz was around Behind the Candelabra, meanwhile the micro buzz was outside the Palais.  Whilst Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Adrian Brodie, Steven Soderbergh ascended the red carpet, Troma diehards and cast spewed green froth in Class A zombie style for part two of Return To Nuke Em High.  Matt Whistler wanted to offer something a little different and filled his left shoe with green mouth zombie froth, with relentless zombie freak passion.




The Palais Cannes 2013


Cannes 2013

Ok it wasnt 5 star but a caravan with Michealangelo's David on the shelf in the hills of Provence added to the experience

Cannes 2013

The outside toilet and shower... great in the day ... at night watch out for the wild boar

Cannes 2013

Lloyd Kaufman rocking out his Return to Nuke Em High Premier 2013

Cannes 2013

The press abandoned their ladders.


Cannes 2013

The TROMA cast Return to Nuke Em High


Cannes 2013

The harpooned bread roll survived the day





 Brighton-based comic Matt Whistler was joined by an army of the undead at the Cannes Film Festival last week in a celebration of independent film making

A comedian gatecrashed a prestigious film festival with a zombie mob.

Brighton-based comic Matt Whistler was joined by an army of the undead at the Cannes Film Festival last week in a celebration of independent film making.

It also marked the release of part two of Return To Nuke Em High.

Their antics will feature in an upcoming documentary called Occupy Cannes.

Both films are produced by Troma Entertainment whose chairman, Lloyd Kauffmann, Mr Whistler first met at the Liverpool Film Festival almost a decade ago and who supported his attempt to scoot across America.

Mr Whistler said: “We were outside the premiere of the new Behind the Candelabra film.

“The police soon rocked up but nobody was moved on.”




Yotel HQ Manhattan NYc


BOT'S ON 10th ... MW AKA W Robot art exhibition May 2013. 

4 Days to plan an exhibition and see the wonderful Manhattan is a prospect and a half. All 8 framed BOTS came out of the travel cases from Heathrow to JFK without one single blemish. The bubble wrap and polystyrene saved the day WAYHAY!

There were two choices prior to suspending the art, should this trip involve relaxation or should this trip involve bonkersdom ? After weighing up each option with an orange in each hand, bonkersdom won.

On your marks ! Get set ! Go

Hells kitchen flea market, The High Line, Staten Island Ferry, past the Statue of Liberty, The West Village, Greenwhich village, Saks 5th Avenue, Times Square, George Washington Park, The Art Gallery District Chelsea, Troma Productions, The Loews Theatre, BB Kings club, Central Park, Dohyo restaurant

It's now time for MW AKW WHISTLES to rock up to Yotel Manhattan to host BOT'S ON 10th a Robot BOT art exhibition in the Green Lounge on the 4th floor. The Green Lounge is a perfect way to enjoy an early morning complimentary muffin and listen to a great sound recording of birds tweeting away. Mission Control is on the 4th Floor.


The Ground floor at Yotel is a perfect way to enter a hotel and be suddenly presented with the outstanding YOBOT : a robotic automated arm that takes your luggage and places it in a wall locker. But obviously you need to get to 4th via the ground floor, so it would have made more sense to talk about the ground floor first then floor 4. But as this hasn't happened we can assume that this blog began during the 4th floor prior to an elevator ride to ground, but that's not true either because... Oh shut up ! and get on with the photos.