MATT WHISTLER ....DEDICATED INTERNATIONAL ARTIST, FILMMAKER, ACTOR AND FUNNYMAN. But who is A.K.A Whistles? A.K.A W is Matt Whistler's art alter ego who will destroy, take credit for, or infiltrate Matt Whistler's digital robot world. You can see Matt Whistler's art videos if you copy and paste the web address beneath.You will see Matt Whistler humorously playing his alter EGO AKA Whistles : " Matt Whistler says " AKA is a great character/persona to explore art and feelings towards the double edge sword of technology and the inner turmoil of being an artist". MW incorporates street art into his work. There is one theme: ‘Robot's’ all constructed through photographing and buzzing around in explored environments. Autonomaphobia does not come into play REPEAT Autonomaphobia does not come into play. Each digital piece is a fine art print on 320 GSM paper. All individual pieces have a story behind them, which you can enquire about using the above contact link. . More recently MW has moved into sculpting with a scalpel on card and creating metal and wood robots with a unique style and look. Matt Whistler has a wider body of work available on request and is available for commission. Visit MWs art gallery on facebook page called ‘Walk The Plank’ based in Shoreham. More of MW's robot art here: If you see an art print you like on this page: How to Buy Online: We use PayPal for secure credit card payments. For overseas please allow three weeks for delivery. For UK residents all framed art prints are sent first class. Post and Packaging is free. We deliver world-wide. A small postage and packing fee will be added to your order, for your approval, when you put in your address. Mad Cap Productions and PayPal take your privacy very seriously. We do not have access to any financial information. We do not share your shipping or email address with anyone. Note : Other print sizes can be negotiated. If you have any questions or just want to talk, use our contact link above. Or call us in the UK: Telephone +44 (0) 77 484 599 48 THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST